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(That Were Forgotten)

Unforgettable Quotes Throughout History
(That Were Forgotten)

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“Enough with the cherry tree story, already! ENOUGH!!”
-Everyone and anyone who ever spoke to George Washington


“Mr. Franklin, your resume is twelve pages long…
you need to cut it down to one page
if you’re serious about getting a new job.”
-Resume consultant to Benjamin Franklin


“Can’t we move it up an hour…??
I simply can’t find anything comfortable to wear”
– One of Paul Revere’s comrades before the Midnight Ride.


“I can’t take all the credit…
I may have designed it,
but the 12-year-old kids
from China did a fantastic job sewing it.”
-Betsy Ross


“It did not come out the way I envisioned it.
I hate it. It’s crap.
I will give it to America as a gift…
those people have no taste whatsoever.”
-Frederick Bartholdi/Designer of the Statue Of Liberty


“Put your John Hancock here, Mr. Hancock.”
– Wiseass neighbor to John Hancock


“Would you mind putting your John Hancock on my boob?”
-Hundreds of women to John Hancock


“Why the hell would I give you a discount just because
the store is located on an avenue named after you?”
-NYC shopkeeper to Christopher Columbus


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