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Tweets From NY Jet Tim Tebow

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“What’s a bagel?
What’s a knish?”


“It’s embarrassing to admit but I forgot what Tebowing is.
Can anyone out there in the Twitterverse remind me?
Preferably before the season starts.”


“Peyton Manning is the devil.”


“Dear Mark Sanchez,
I may be religious but that
doesn’t mean I don’t want your job.
And your women.
It’s on!”


“Just my luck…I get to town just as
my girl Sue Simmons is leaving.”


“Me and Jeremy Lin are teaming up to
endorse the iPad version of The Bible.”


“I was so happy about the trade.
Until I remembered Rex Ryan is the Jets’ coach.”


“I’m really going to have to get in shape now…
Just so I can get to the buffet table before Rex.”


“I wasn’t kidding:
What’s a bagel and what’s a knish?”




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