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Tweets From Gisele Bundchen AKA Mrs. Tom Brady

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“Is it just me or does Eli gets better and better looking
every time he wins a Super Bowl?”

“I don’t mean to be catty, but Madonna put on a ton of weight.”

“I will not apologize for saying our receivers lost the game for us…
because it’s true.
And one more thing:
Their wives are all ugly, too.

“To be perfectly honest I would have rather stayed home
and watch the “Sex and The City” marathon on E!
than go to the game.
BTW: Does anyone know which of the women won the marathon?”

“The food at the game was great.
Too bad I had to throw it all up.”

“Speaking of which, I’m so rich, after I eat I have someone stick
their fingers down my throat for me.”

“When I first met Tom he told me he was related
to the Brady Bunch.
I’m starting to doubt it because after all of this years
I still have not met his aunt, Florence Henderson.”

“Tom says he would never leave me.
Probably because I have pictures of him
wearing my high heels.”





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