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Tweets from Beyonce and Jay Z’s Baby, Blue Ivy

“Do these diapers make my ass look big?”

“Unlike my parents, when I say “my crib” I really mean “my crib!!”

“I like my mom’s music…and my dad’s, too. But I LOVE Michael Buble.”

“Got my first line of jeans coming out. They’re called “Blue’s Jeans.”

“Dad, no disrespect but I’m praying I look like mom. Praying a lot.”

“I just want to have a normal childhood. (As I lay here in my gold-plated Tiffany crib)”

“Has this country ever had a white President? Just askin’.”

“What’s up with Donald Trump’s hair?”
“Hey Twitterverse, what the hell is a hashtag?”

“Uncle Kanye is an ass.”

“Mama says she’s going to take my picture and sell it for millions and millions of dollars. Shouldn’t I get a cut of that? I need a lawyer. Stat.”

“I can guarantee you neither one of my parents will ever change my diaper. You can take that to the bank”

“Shout out to all my fans out there: I’m on easy street, suckers. Don’t hate.”

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