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Treat Or Treating Safety Tips For The Kids

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Go with a group of friends and stay together.
If you have no friends, find some on Craig’s List.

Don’t forget to bring your iPad to keep track of your candy haul.

If invited into someone’s house, do NOT go.
If they keep asking, spray them with your Pumpkin-Scented Mace.

Wear a reflector or bring a flashlight,
to make you more visible to cars at night.
And creepy guys.

Not sure if the candy you got is safe?
There’s an app for that.
Simply scan every piece, then wait two weeks till the results come in.
Or just eat it all immediately.

Is there a razor blade in an apple someone gave you?
Carefully get it out and give to your dad.
(Those razors are expensive!!)

Kids: Check your candy carefully before eating any.
This year people are giving out tofu candy corn.



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