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To Answer or Not to Answer?…That is the Question

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Do you answer your cell phone if you don’t recognize the number? Sometimes I answer…sometimes i don’t, depending on the area code, my mood or the alignment of the planets. My experience tells me it could be a wrong number, a long lost friend who you are happy to hear from, a long lost relative you are NOT happy to hear from or a business call you wished you’d let go to voicemail.

This afternoon I took a nap, as I do most weekday afternoons, considering I wake up at 3:45am. Like most days I woke up groggy. I must have been up 5 minutes when my cell phone rang. It was a “212” area code but I had no idea who was calling. I looked at the phone and like all the times before, debated whether or not to answer. I don’t know why but I answered. I said “Hello” and the voice on the other end responded “Hello, Billy, this is James Earl Jones”.

It was a surprise but it wasn’t totally out of the blue. Earlier in the day we recorded a phone interview with him. He is starring on Broadway in “Driving Miss Daisy”. Apparently he was not satisfied with one of the answers he had given and wanted to set the record straight. So there I was talking to James Earl Jones…the man with the golden voice talking to some guy with a Brooklyn accent. He made his point and we agreed he should call back tomorrow to re-do part of the interview. No, he did not say “Luke, I am your father” or “This is CNN”…but it did make my day a little more interesting. I know one thing: the next time my phone rings and I do not know the number I will NOT answer it…how could it top that?

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