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Tips On How To Make It The Best Leap Day Ever!!

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Leap Day.
It comes around every 4 years.
And fulfills all of our wishes for some extra time
to do the things we never get around to.
What are you going to do with the extra 24 hours?
Here are some suggestions to make this
the best Leap Day ever!!

First of all, don’t go to work.
You get paid a yearly salary.
NOT a leap-yearly salary.
You’d be working today for free.


Buy Apple stock when you wake up.
Then, spend the rest of the day watching it skyrocket.


Food has no calories today.
Go crazy.
Stuff your face.


Ponder what your life will be like when gas hits $6 a gallon.


Find a 2-year-old and try explaining leap year to them.
(Make sure you know the 2-year-old
or you’ll have some explaining to do)


Look over the NY Mets 2012 schedule to see
how many games you would theoretically go to…


Make a list of all the things Mitt Romney has said
that prove he lives in a bubble.


Take a look at the list of the new “Dancing With The Stars” contestants and try and identify the one person who is actually a star.
(If indeed there is one)


Watch all 7,042 “Sh** People Say” videos on YouTube.


Sing “100 Bottles of Beer On the Wall”…a lot.


Re-watch the Oscars in slow motion
and enjoy Angelina Jolie’s legs leg at the Oscars.
Then do the same to see if J Lo had a wardrobe malfunction…or not




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