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On Downton Abbey

Things You’ll Never Hear Them Say
On Downton Abbey

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Mr. Carson, how many times can I tell you
your fly needs to be zipped up?


Mary, now that we’re married can you
please show me the move you used in bed
that killed the Turkish diplomat?


Mr. Bates, opening up your own motel sounds like a horrific idea.


Mrs. Patmore, could you be so kind as to get off
your fat ass and make us a couple of pepperoni pizzas.


If we have to sell Downton Abbey, I know of a few rock stars
who might be interested in buying it.


Glad you can stay with us tonight Sir Carlisle.
Just so you know, you will be charged for anything
you take from the mini-bar.


Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?


Question for you, Lord Grantham:
Why the hell can’t you dress yourself?


We have decided to sell Downton Abbey,
take the money and buy a studio apartment
in Manhattan.


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