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The Wright Brothers On Twitter (Yes, They Shared An Account)

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“We first got the idea for building a life-size plane when we were putting together one of those model planes and got high on the glue.”

“Our other brother who was an inventor, too. Nathaniel died trying to invent the parachute.”

“We also had a sister. Unfortunately, Mary was crushed to death when Nathaniel landed on her.”

“Today we invited our next door neighbor, Vicky, to join us.
To make a long story short, by the time we landed my brother and I were the first two members of the “Mile High Club.”

“Yesterday’s  flight was delayed when our metal detector malfunctioned. We might have to stick to just the full-body pat down”

“Man, I wish we were alive when those “Airplane!’ movies came out. We heard they were hilarious.”

“I hate my brother Wilbur. He never lets me be the pilot. I hate being co-pilot all the time. And he won’t let me sit in first-class either. It’s not fair. Screw him!”

“While I’m on the subject, Wilbur is an idiot, too. It was his idea to power the plane with a giant rubber band. Yea, that worked out well…NOT”

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