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The Worst-Selling Books of All-Time

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“How to Improve Your Chess Game” by Charles Manson  

“Harry Potter and the Annoying Search for Waldo”

“How to Lose Weight…and Keep It Off” by the Fat Chick from the Movie “Precious”

“Removing Your Own Warts  for Dummies”

“Larry King’s Suspender Collection: A Photographic Journey”

“Loyalty” by Lebron James

(Just as a reminder…these are the worst-selling books of all-time)

“My Little Sister Knocked Down My Lego House…Get Me a Lawyer!!”:
A Kids Book of Law by John Grisham

“Over or Under: The Heated Debate
Over the Right Way to Put a Toilet Paper Roll Up”

“Lord of the Rings: Brooklyn Bound”

“101 Things to Make Out of Lint from your Dryer” by Martha Stewart

“How to Deal With Going from Being Homeless to Media Star to Rehab then Back to Obscurity…All In One Week” by Ted Williams***

***the guy who went from being homeless to media star to rehab then back to obscurity.

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