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The NYC Subway: (Almost) Every Reality Show Rolled Into One

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A ride on the NYC subway costs $2.25.
For that price, you get to
your destination in style AND
you get to enjoy 
free, non-stop reality shows.

The Biggest Loser:
There’s ALWAYS a fat guy taking up
two or sometimes three seats.
And of course eating something gross.


American Idol:
Singers are everywhere…
and their fellow riders are
tougher judges than J-Lo and crew.
Much tougher.
The grand prize sucks, too…
Some loose change.

Big Brother:
There’s always some big brother 
blocking the closing doors.

Top Chef :
I have never seen anyone
cooking on the train (yet)
but I have seen my share of steak knives.

Dancing With The Stars:
Okay this may be a stretch
but it’s always a challenge
to get down those crowded stairs
to catch a train…or to get
up the stairs so you can get
to the street.
I call this “Dancing With The Stairs.”


What Not To Wear:
On average there are 10 people per car
whose wardrobe fits into this category.
In fact, one of those might be you.

Fear Factor:
Self Explanatory

Deal Or No Deal:
Drug dealers on the subway have no time
for chit-chat. It’s as simple as “What will it be: Deal or no deal?”

America’s Got Talent:
…but nothing compared to the talent
I’ve witnessed on the subway.
Eating a full Chinese food meal
standing up on a packed train
isn’t as easy as it looks.
Try it some time…and report back to me.
Or how about a transvestite whistling
“Like a Virgin?”
Or a blind guy walking between cars?
It goes on and on…

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