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On Those Of Us Watching At Home

The Extreme Pressure Of The Olympics…
On Those Of Us Watching At Home

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Olympic athletes are under unbelievable pressure.
I get it.
They train for years.
One misstep and their dreams are destroyed.
Blah, blah, blah.
But what about us?
Why is it no one talks about the pressure endured by
those of us watching the games at home?


The Pressure Caused By Being Unprepared:
The athletes train for years in preparation for their big moment.
If you’re like me, you were totally caught off guard.
No preparation at all.
I figured the games began in mid-August.
I read nothing on the participants. Nada.
I never had the time to memorize the various channels
broadcasting the games.
Disadvantage: Us.


The Pressure To Be Patriotic:
The questions that are keeping us up at night:
– Am I unpatriotic if I watch Storage Wars
instead of the U.S. men’s water polo team?
– Can I go to the beach or is it my duty as an American
to stay home and watch table tennis?


The Pressure To Keep Up:
No one likes to feel left out.
I like to know as much as possible
so I can engage in an intelligent conversation.
My big fear is going to a dinner party
and the big topic of conversation is the Olympics.
(Unlikely for me.
I haven’t been to a dinner party in 12 years.)


The Pressure To Tweet:
Everyone is Tweeting about the games,
which means I must too. Right?
Are my Tweets funny enough?
Sarcastic enough?
Informative enough?
Will anyone read it/retweet it?
Which hashtags do I use?
#Summer Olympics




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