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The Day After Labor Day Is…

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Today is…

The unofficial first day of fall. 

The first day it’s illegal to wear white.

The day you go to your first AA meeting after a summer of non-stop drinking.

The first day you really have to work since the Friday before Memorial Day.
Correction: Make that the Thursday before Memorial Day

The day, even if you don’t go to school anymore,
you still get that feeling in the pit of your stomach
because a new school year is starting.

The day you stop taking calls from your summer fling.

The day everyone says “I can’t believe how fast the summer went by.
(Does anyone ever say “Man, this summer is the slowest summer ever!)

The day  all the clothes women shed for the summer slowly makes it way back…
until January comes and all you can see is a big blob of  layered clothing.

The day you have to write a check for the damage done to your rented house in the Hamptons.

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