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The Best Grammy Tweets Of The Night

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Justin Stangel @Justin_Stangel
Watching Bruce Springsteen perform on the Grammys.
 I see Little Steven wore his black formal shmatta.

Dave Caolo @davidcaolo
For a second I thought The Walking Dead was on two networks tonight
but one was the Beach Boys reunion.

 Claire Zulkey @Zulkey
No offense Paul but nobody wants to hear this non-Hey Jude song.

Trammell @trammell
Watching the Westminster Dog Show while reading Grammys Tweets.
You will not convince me I’m doing it wrong.

JFK @jfkmstrkrft
I want whatever throat surgery Adele had.

Bonnie Bernstein @BonnieBernstein
I can hear my mom w the Brooklyn accent:
“Adele! You win song of the yr &
you’re chewing gum like a cow on national TV?” 

John Berman @johnsberman
Note to self: if it ever comes up, remember, DON’T dump Adele.

Allen Fabijan @AllenFabijan
Adele is loosing weight tonight just going up and down
the steps of the Grammys

Seth Rogen @SethRogen
I wish Jay-Z and Beyonce would get on stage and present their baby to the world like in the Lion King.

Eric Stangel @EricStangel
Look! Taylor Swift is pretending to be poor! Isn’t that adorable?

Mo Rocca @MoRocca
And now Taylor Swift as … Every Character Ever Played By Sissy Spacek!

Matt Walker @funnymatt
Just watched video of Nicki Minaj at the Grammy’s…if you think that performance was good, we can’t be friends.




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