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The Answer Is “Zero”

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People who miss Simon Cowell.

Zune users.

The number of times Jack Bauer went to the bathroom during the entire run of “24.”

Talk show hosts Jay Leno has screwed over so far this year.

TV shows Betty White has NOT been on in the past year.

The possibility that Mariah Carey’s twins will have a normal childhood.

The number of laughs I’ve gotten so far.

Besides Donald Trump, the number of people who believe Donald Trump will be President.

The number of calories in Coke Zero

The number of people who showed up to audition for the new reality show “America’s Next Top Tailor.”

The number of minutes it took to get a table when I had dinner with Oprah.

Before going on the show, the number of meals missed by “The Biggest Loser” contestants.

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