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Thanksgiving Weekend: The Post Game Show

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Friday, of course, was Black Friday.
Saturday was Small Business Saturday.
Today is Cyber Monday.
Why stop there?
How about…

“Switch the Price Tag” Tuesday
“Don’t Buy Anything” Wednesday
“Fall In A Store and Sue” Thursday
“Pay In Pennies” Friday
“Return Everything” Saturday
“Shoplift” Sunday

Thanksgiving Menu at Occupy Wall Street: (Ironically,  a very rich meal)

Turkey with a Pepper Spray Rub
99% Fat Free Zuccotti Zucchini
Dessert: Apples
(To keep the doctor away, since they can’t afford health insurance.)

Best New Thanksgiving Songs:

“This Is Not The Holiday With Santa”
“Turkey In The Sky With Diamonds”

Statistics from the Weekend:

31% had sushi for Thanksgiving.
47% had to unzip their pants after dinner.
73% of Black Friday shoppers had a kitchen knife with them, just in case.

At the Movies for Thanksgiving:

Lay-away is now available at most theatres for a large popcorn and soda. 
Average number of trailers before a movie: 63
In case you missed it, the answer to the jumble on the screen before the movie was “George Clooney.”


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