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Technology = Less Fun

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The Kindle:
I used to like knowing what people were reading when I was on the beach, subway, etc. It said a lot about the person and maybe even gave me some future reading possibilities. Now? With the Kindle the guy next to me on the train could be reading “The Devil Wears Prada”, “The Bible”, “War and Peace”, “How To Build A Bomb”, or “How To Seduce The Guy Next To You.”

The Microwave:
You take your food, put it in the microwave, put it in for a minute, take it out and eat. That’s no fun!! Growing up, making a TV Dinner was an activity. Turn the oven on. Read the directions. Poke holes in the plastic. Take it out after 20 minutes. Take plastic off of everything but dessert. Put it back in. Ten minutes later it is done. No it isn’t. The mashed potatoes are still cold….on and on it goes. Three hours later you have a delicious meal to eat. Now that’s fun!

What fun is that? Get in the car, punch in your destination, arrive at destination. Wasn’t it more fun…and more interesting …when you had to map it out yourself? You felt like you were doing something. Or someone gives you directions (“Go 3 lights, or it could be 4…make a left with the Giant Cow statue is, then go past the 7-11….”)

Technology In General:
It’s not fun. It’s actually stressful. A week after you buy something, a better model comes out; TVs, Ipods, Ipads, cell phones, laptops.  You also might wait for the new version to come out…and wait and wait and wait. You read all the rumors about the release date and before you know it ten years has gone by.

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