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Newt Gingrich Tweets From The Golden Globes

“A perfect example of why we need stronger immigration policies: Ricky Gervais.” “Why is Joey from “Friends” there?” “Why did Joey from “Friends” win?” “Just counted…there are 16 woman there I would leave my wife for.” “Make that 17…if that Spanish woman from “Modern Family” is here legally.” “If those women who won for “The […] more

Tweets From The World’s Oldest Dog

  Pusuke, listed by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s oldest-living dog, died in Japan on Monday. He was 26 years old. To celebrate his life let’s look back at some of his best Tweets. Rest in peace Pusuke. “Dogs these days have it so easy. Doggie spas, healthy dog food, etc. […] more

If Mrs. Herman Cain Were On Twitter

“Two can play this game: I’m having an affair with the CEO of Pizza Hut.” “Every time a woman steps forward to claim my husband sexually harassed them,  Herman has to pay me $25,000. To which I say “Keep on groping Herman, keep on groping.” “Just wondering: If elected, would my husband be the first […] more

Bugs Bunny on Twitter

  “Thanks to those shifty accountants at the studio I’m now living out my golden years at “The Home for Retired Cartoon Characters.”” “Elmer Fudd is here too. Thankfully, he’s no longer a threat to me. His gun is so old that they no longer manufacture the bullets.” “Last night a magician entertained us at […] more