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The Harshest Critiques From The Harshest Fashion Critic In The World, Mr. I. Hate Everything


“There’s no silver lining I can find when it comes to the design of this dress.” “Makes me want to shoot the designer with a bow and arrow.” “The devil wears Prada. And Anne should have, too.” “Would have been better off wearing one of those schmattas from Les Miserables.” “Did you know Hayek means […] more

Tweets From Oscar (Yes, The Award)


    I have one word for all presenters and winners: Purell.   My cousin is one lucky bastard. Halle Berry won him and keeps him in her bedroom.   The Fashion Police criticize me for wearing the same thing every year. Do they think I have a choice? Do they think I don’t have […] more

The Beatles Up For A Best Picture Oscar??