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DON’T Do These Things Today,
The Monday After The Thanksgiving Weekend

    DON’T weigh yourself. (Seriously, DON’T weigh yourself.)   DON’T tell everyone you see every detail of the horrific explosion you caused trying to fry a turkey.   DON’T go out to lunch and joke to the waiter “I’m in the mood for turkey!!”   DON’T brag about all of the great bargains you […] more

The Most Common
Thanksgiving-Related Injuries

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Thanksgiving Weekend: The Post Game Show

  Friday, of course, was Black Friday. Saturday was Small Business Saturday. Today is Cyber Monday. Why stop there? How about… “Switch the Price Tag” Tuesday “Don’t Buy Anything” Wednesday “Fall In A Store and Sue” Thursday “Pay In Pennies” Friday “Return Everything” Saturday “Shoplift” Sunday Thanksgiving Menu at Occupy Wall Street: (Ironically,  a very rich […] more

Overheard (Every) Thanksgiving

“Turn the football game back on. I’m not playing. Turn it back on. Now. Don’t make me get that carving knife.” “Mommy, either Uncle Stanley is taking a nap or he’s dead…come look. “Damn, I forgot to serve the ______________” “The traffic was so bad that next year we are taking a private jet.” (Obviously […] more

Tweets From A Turkey

  “My brother was turkey royalty. When he finally gave up his life, instead of being served to a commoner, he became Thanksgiving dinner for your popular singer Tony Bennett.” “Just so you know, we do not like it one bit when you use us as a way to describe a bad movie. Stop.” “You […] more

Black Friday: The Movie

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