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Overheard At The Giants Parade

“I heard Madonna was going to be here, but she’s in the hospital suffering from Post-Super Bowl exhaustion.” ‘While we’re down here we should find some bankers and rough them up.” “I just saw Rex Ryan down the street eating a cheeseburger and mumbling “the Jets are better than the Giants.” Parade??? I thought the […] more

Tweets From Gisele Bundchen AKA Mrs. Tom Brady

“Is it just me or does Eli gets better and better looking every time he wins a Super Bowl?” “I don’t mean to be catty, but Madonna put on a ton of weight.” “I will not apologize for saying our receivers lost the game for us… because it’s true. And one more thing: Their wives […] more

Anonymous Tweets From The Sidelines During The Super Bowl

“I guess they couldn’t get Lady Gaga for the halftime show, so they got her mom instead.” “I secretly hope we  lose so I can get the hell out of here, go to my hotel room and  watch “The Voice.” “Damn, I forgot that if you’re playing you can’t see all the commercials. That’s not […] more

Prediction: The Super Bowl Will Be Superbad

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Even More Letters

  Dear Mr. Brady, Hey, how bout we bet on the game. We win and I get to sleep with your wife once. You win and you get to sleep with my wife 30 times. Sound fair? Let me know if you are in. Thanks, Mr. E. Manning Dear Mr. Gingrich, Do us a favor […] more

Guaranteed To Be Heard At Every Super Bowl Party On Sunday

“The commercials suck this year.” “The commercials are great this year.” “What kind of idiot serves borscht at a Super Bowl party? “I had tickets on the 50-yard line to the game, but decided it would be more fun watching it here with you guys.” “Newt Gingrich says in 10 years the Super Bowl will […] more

Random Friday

  Pat Sajak admitted that years ago he taped Wheel of Fortune while drunk.” Which explains the episode where he kept saying “I need your answer in the form of a question” and “Hey lady, I’ve got your vowel right here.”   The extra week before the Super Bowl is brutal. How much analyzing of the […] more

Giants Fan vs. Jets Fan/2011-2012 Season

Giants Fan/2011-2012 Season Jets Fan/2011-2012 Season more