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Fat Guy Kayaking and More Summer Olympic Events That Are NOT Televised

    The 100-Meter Slip ‘N Slide   Synchronized Pole-Vaulting   Extreme Hungry Hungry Hippos   Nerf Shot Put   Who Can Turn Off The TV Quickest When Ryan Seacrest Comes On?   Race Usain Bolt…As He Carries Aretha Franklin and Rosie O’Donnell   Chic-fil A Toss   Fat Guy Kayaking   Real-Life Beach Volleyball […] more

The Extreme Pressure Of The Olympics…
On Those Of Us Watching At Home

    Olympic athletes are under unbelievable pressure. I get it. They train for years. One misstep and their dreams are destroyed. Blah, blah, blah. But what about us? Why is it no one talks about the pressure endured by those of us watching the games at home?   The Pressure Caused By Being Unprepared: […] more

Tweets From An Anonymous NBC Announcer
At The 2012 Olympics

“Why the hell did I waste my time getting a Journalism degree from an Ivy League school? Instead, I should have spent my time learning about the best hair care products. #Seacrest   “You know what sucks? When the Olympics are over, my next gig isn’t until July 4th, when I work the Nathans Hot Dog […] more