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Obama or Romney? Romney or Obama?: Profile Of The Average Undecided Voter

    Always confused about when to use “their,” “there” or “they’re.”   Is most likely related to Honey Boo Boo.   Believes our next President should rely more heavily on Siri.   Thinks the word “trillion” is made up. And funny.   Wants to know who’s side the candidates are on: Team Demi or […] more

Surface, Microsoft’s Challenger to the iPad: The Features They’re NOT Telling You About

    Microsoft Introduces a Challenger to the iPad  LOS ANGELES — In its most strategically significant push yet into the hardware business, Microsoft, on Monday unveiled a tablet computer called Surface that is intended to challenge Apple’s iPad.     No camera. According to a Microsoft’s spokesman “You want a camera, buy a camera.”   […] more

Even More Letters

  Dear Mr. Brady, Hey, how bout we bet on the game. We win and I get to sleep with your wife once. You win and you get to sleep with my wife 30 times. Sound fair? Let me know if you are in. Thanks, Mr. E. Manning Dear Mr. Gingrich, Do us a favor […] more

Random Friday

If the Giants win Sunday and go to the Super Bowl, there’s one sure thing: When Governor Chris Christie makes one of those inevitable bets with the Governor of the opposing state, Christie will insist on getting back some type of fried food if he wins. How long will it be before someone uses Siri […] more

Random Friday

  If there’s a private club and two of its members are named “Newt” and “Mitt,” I’m POSITIVE I wouldn’t be allowed in. And that’s okay, because I wouldn’t want to. In Case You’re Not That Good At Math: Tomorrow is the second day of the rest of your life. It seems like every time […] more

Headlines…One Year From Now

“Kim Kardashian Accused of Staging Recent Colonoscopy” “The Spice Girls Return With A New CD and Tour” “Herman Cain Accused of Groping All  5 Spice Girls” “New iPhone App Replaces Voice of Siri With That of Mike Tyson” “Baby Mamas File Class Action Suit For Back Wages, As NBA Strike Continues” “To Get A Jump […] more