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Overheard At The 12-12-12 Concert

  “All of these cops here and not one of them arrests Roger Daltrey? Isn’t there a law that senior citizens can’t take their shirts off in public?”     “There are more wrinkles onstage here tonight than there are in a roomful of Shar-Pei puppies.”     “Man, this concert is amazing… I can’t […] more

Random Friday: Featuring A Starbucks Funeral Home, An Unlikely Tribute To Bob Marley Tribute, Big Lips and More

  It’s Friday the 13th and you know what that means? Absolutely nothing.   A South Carolina Funeral Home is Adding a Starbucks. – Would you like cream-ation with your coffee? – They call the most expensive funeral package the Venti – Their best-selling iced tea? Bury-Bury – I’ll take that coffin over there. And […] more

Random Friday: Featuring Obama’s Aliens, The Ann Curry Decision, Hillary’s Travel Record and More

  It was a big week for The Supreme Court. There was that health care thing and they upheld NBC’s decision to fire Ann Curry.   A Great ObamaCare Tweet:   A new poll reveals Americans want Obama as President if aliens invade. No one has asked the Aliens who they’d prefer if Americans invade […] more

My Predictions On The New 3 Stooges Movie… and More “Sets of 3”

Predictions on the New Three Stooges Movie: 1. Someone will get poked in the eye 2. Someone else will get poke in the eye 3. Hilarity will ensue   Why You Shouldn’t See Titanic-3D: 1. That damn Celine Dion song 2. The 3D is so good 17 audience members drowned already 3. It ends the […] more

Why The Hell Did They Write A Song About That?

Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head You’re kidding, right? Get an umbrella, take cover somewhere or just deal with it. End of story. (Maybe a little rain would bother me too if my first name was “B.J.”) Last Train To Clarksville: Last train, first train, any train…nothing that important or urgent ever happens in Clarksville, […] more