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Tweets From NY Jet Tim Tebow

“What’s a bagel? What’s a knish?”   “It’s embarrassing to admit but I forgot what Tebowing is. Can anyone out there in the Twitterverse remind me? Preferably before the season starts.”   “Peyton Manning is the devil.”   “Dear Mark Sanchez, I may be religious but that doesn’t mean I don’t want your job. And […] more

Celebrity New Year’s Resolutions

  Kim Kardashian: “Meet and date Katie Perry.” (Hey, her name starts with a “K”. Plus, think of the ratings) Katie Perry: “Stay as far away from Kim Kardashian as possible.” Newt Gingrich:  “Stay with my wife, even if she gets cancer. Maybe.” Tim Tebow:  “I say it every year, but hopefully in 2012 I […] more