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Random Friday: Featuring The Time Magazine Cover, The Tanorexic Action Figure, Dark Shadows and More

  This week President Obama became the first U.S. President to speak out in favor of same-sex marriage. He then took the opportunity  to introduce his fabulous new first lady, Steve.   Have you seen the controversial Time magazine breastfeeding cover? The first time I saw it I thought it was a Got Milk ad. […] more

Random Friday

  Pat Sajak admitted that years ago he taped Wheel of Fortune while drunk.” Which explains the episode where he kept saying “I need your answer in the form of a question” and “Hey lady, I’ve got your vowel right here.”   The extra week before the Super Bowl is brutal. How much analyzing of the […] more

The Latest 2012 Presidential Campaign Posters

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A Complete List of Things The Republicans Blame President Obama For

The Deficit Unemployment Our Reliance On Foreign Oil Wall Street Greed Jobs moving overseas The dog down the street who won’t stop barking The Seal-Heidi Klum Split The shrinking size of  cereal boxes Pop Up Stores The redesign of Facebook That Adam Sandler Movie “Jack&Jill” The Cupcake Craze The return of McRib The Hindenburg Disaster […] more

Comparing The Presidential Candidates


Celebrity New Year’s Resolutions

  Kim Kardashian: “Meet and date Katie Perry.” (Hey, her name starts with a “K”. Plus, think of the ratings) Katie Perry: “Stay as far away from Kim Kardashian as possible.” Newt Gingrich:  “Stay with my wife, even if she gets cancer. Maybe.” Tim Tebow:  “I say it every year, but hopefully in 2012 I […] more

Celebrity Letters To Santa/Part 2

    Dear Santa, I know a lot of people were not happy with me this year but I know I tried my best.  Oh, well. However, I still believe I deserve a present. I would love one of those basketballs that you never have to inflate with air. You have no idea what a […] more

Celebrity Letters To Santa

Dear Santa, I’ve been pretty good this year. Up until this month.Please bring me an iPhone. I broke mine in a fit of rage. On an airplane. Because the stewardess wouldn’t let me play “Words With Friends.” And I take “Words With Friends” very seriously. Oh, and make it the new iPhone with Siri, so […] more

If Mrs. Herman Cain Were On Twitter

“Two can play this game: I’m having an affair with the CEO of Pizza Hut.” “Every time a woman steps forward to claim my husband sexually harassed them,  Herman has to pay me $25,000. To which I say “Keep on groping Herman, keep on groping.” “Just wondering: If elected, would my husband be the first […] more