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The Lance Armstrong Revelations Edited Out Of The Oprah Interview

  Without steroids I would need training wheels to ride a bike.   I took twice the amount of steroids when riding a bicycle built for two.   One of Sheryl Crow’s albums includes a song she wrote for me called “My Ex-Boyfriend Lance Armstrong Takes Steroids”   All these years I’ve told reporters my […] more

Tweets From An Anonymous Real-Life Flesh-Eating Zombie/Cannibal Dude

    #1 on my bucket list: Be one of the few survivors of a plane crash. On a desolate island.   Funny, I always thought Chinese people would taste like Chinese food. They don’t.   My doctor says I need to cut back on my salt intake, which means I’ll have to start eating […] more

The 10 Worst-Selling Books Of The Year (So Far)

                                                “Cooking Okra With Oprah”   “Fifty Shades of Grey’s Anatomy”   “General Tso: War Hero”   “Chaz Bono’s Transgender Fitness Workout”   “Can You Marry Your Gay Cousin In North Carolina? […] more

Random Friday: Starring The Tupac Hologram, Milli Vanilli, Oprah, Those Secret Service Agents and More

      I saw a couple on the news who won over 100-million-dollars in the lottery. They said “nothing will change.” That statement should disqualify them from receiving the money.   Those disgraced Secret Service agents knew what they were doing. It’s a calculated 3-part plan: 1. Get caught in a political prostitution scandal. […] more

The Best Magazine Lists of 2011

    US Magazine: 5 Stars Who Were Born In A Barn Cosmo: 10 Ways To Tell Your Husband Is Cheating On You With Your Boss’s Daughter Sports Illustrated: 8 Goalies Who Were Virgos National Geographic: 7 Isolated Tribes of the Amazon That Can’t Get The NFL Network Time Magazine: 5 Presidents Who Were Into […] more