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Overheard At The Giants Parade

“I heard Madonna was going to be here, but she’s in the hospital suffering from Post-Super Bowl exhaustion.” ‘While we’re down here we should find some bankers and rough them up.” “I just saw Rex Ryan down the street eating a cheeseburger and mumbling “the Jets are better than the Giants.” Parade??? I thought the […] more

Anonymous Tweets From The Sidelines During The Super Bowl

“I guess they couldn’t get Lady Gaga for the halftime show, so they got her mom instead.” “I secretly hope we  lose so I can get the hell out of here, go to my hotel room and  watch “The Voice.” “Damn, I forgot that if you’re playing you can’t see all the commercials. That’s not […] more

Prediction: The Super Bowl Will Be Superbad

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Giants Fan vs. Jets Fan/2011-2012 Season

Giants Fan/2011-2012 Season Jets Fan/2011-2012 Season more

Random Friday

If the Giants win Sunday and go to the Super Bowl, there’s one sure thing: When Governor Chris Christie makes one of those inevitable bets with the Governor of the opposing state, Christie will insist on getting back some type of fried food if he wins. How long will it be before someone uses Siri […] more