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Tweets From Kobe Bryant’s Almost-Ex-Wife

“Ya know what’s funny? I can’t shoot a basketball to save my life and I’m going to get half of everything. “Kobe’s gone. That’s good. Now if I can only get Phil Jackson to move out of our guest room.”  “I have a feeling Kobe will be spending the holidays with his ho-ho-ho’s.” “Kobe plays […] more

Exclusive: Secret Details of The NBA Agreement

  In a marketing deal with Starbucks… The center position will now be called “Venti.” Forwards are “Grande.” And guards are “Short.” Also, halftime will now be referred to as a “Starbucks Coffee Break.” Ryan Seacrest will host every regular season NBA  game. Instead of a trophy, the league MVP gets his choice of Kardashian […] more

Exclusive: The Movie Poster For The Upcoming NBA Lockout Film

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