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Can’t Decide What Movie To See This Holiday Season? You Don’t Have To. Because You Can Now See Them All At Once In This Blockbuster To End All Blockbusters. Sort of.

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Tweets From Abe Lincoln,
Star of the Hit Film Lincoln
(In Theatres Now)

  You know why they didn’t make a movie about George Washington? Because no one gives a crap about that damn cherry tree story.   I don’t take off work for my birthday… so explain to me why the hell the rest of the country does?   After everything I’ve done for this country, how […] more

Going To The Movies? The Subtle Differences Between Abe Lincoln & James Bond (So You Don’t Go To The Wrong One By Mistake)

Fargo vs. Argo: How To Tell The Movies Apart

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“Ted,” “The Dark Knight” and “Magic Mike”: The Rejected Movie Posters

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First Look At The Posters For Upcoming Movie Sequels

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Exclusive: Posters For The Next 3 Harry Potter Movies

I knew J.K. Rowling had more tricks up her sleeve. So I kept bugging “J” (that’s what I call her) until yesterday, when she sent me these posters for the next 3 Harry Potter movies. Enjoy, Muggles!             [adsenseyu2]     more

Thanksgiving Weekend: The Post Game Show

  Friday, of course, was Black Friday. Saturday was Small Business Saturday. Today is Cyber Monday. Why stop there? How about… “Switch the Price Tag” Tuesday “Don’t Buy Anything” Wednesday “Fall In A Store and Sue” Thursday “Pay In Pennies” Friday “Return Everything” Saturday “Shoplift” Sunday Thanksgiving Menu at Occupy Wall Street: (Ironically,  a very rich […] more