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Random Friday: Featuring Lance Armstrong, Honey Boo Boo, Brooklyn Babies Speaking French And More

  The funniest thing about the ridiculous redneck show, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo? It’s on The Learning Channel.   Well, my weekend is screwed. Was supposed to hang out with Lance Armstrong, but he just called to say “Something’s come up.” Same thing happened to me last weekend only it was Todd Akin doing […] more

Recent Letters To And From Celebrities: Including Katie Holmes, Jeremy Lin, Batman, Mr. Met and More

Dear Salvation Army, Please find enclosed 300 pairs of shoes, all flats. I will not be needing them anymore. Thanks. Katie Holmes Dear Mr. Romney, Enclosed are the updated resumes you requested (again) reflecting changes (again) to your time at Bain Capital. Bob Stevens Bob Stevens Printing Emporium Dear Jeremy Lin, I would appreciate it […] more

Things Bloomberg Will Ban Next, Best Ways To Annoy Mitt Romney and More “Sets of 3”

  Things Mayor Bloomberg Will Ban Next: 1. Feeding pigeons  2. Hailing a cab with your left hand 3. The word bodega   Mitt Romney’s Favorite Things Growing Up: 1. His silver spoon 2. Grey Poupon 3. Bullying gay kids   Best Ways To Annoy Mitt Romney: 1.Pull out his batteries 2.Hide his Just For […] more

The 10 Worst-Selling Books Of The Year (So Far)

                                                “Cooking Okra With Oprah”   “Fifty Shades of Grey’s Anatomy”   “General Tso: War Hero”   “Chaz Bono’s Transgender Fitness Workout”   “Can You Marry Your Gay Cousin In North Carolina? […] more

Mitt Romney: Movie Star?/Ann Romney: Car Dealer?

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More “Sets of Three”

  Theories On Why Wile E. Coyote Is After Roadrunner: 1. There’s a difference of opinion over who’s the star of the show. 2. Roadrunners are tasty. 3. He really doesn’t want to get him. It’s all just product placement for Acme.   Things Mitt Romney Will Say In The Next Week: 1. “I’m not rich. Don’t […] more

Random Friday

Facebook went public this week… Rather fitting, considering they’ve already made all of our information public. I’m surprised that Newt Gingrich is still in the race. Normally, when the prognosis is bad he bails. Donald Trump says he’s thinking about opening an upscale cemetery in New Jersey. As any good businessman like Trump knows you […] more

The Latest 2012 Presidential Campaign Posters

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Comparing The Presidential Candidates


Random Friday

  If there’s a private club and two of its members are named “Newt” and “Mitt,” I’m POSITIVE I wouldn’t be allowed in. And that’s okay, because I wouldn’t want to. In Case You’re Not That Good At Math: Tomorrow is the second day of the rest of your life. It seems like every time […] more