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Random Friday: Featuring Candy, Tagg, A-Rod and More

This week… Mitt Romney’s son Tagg says he wanted to ‘take a swing’ at Obama during the testy debate. Meanwhile, A-Rod just wanted to take a swing. Actually he did hit…on two women in the stands. According to A-Rod he was just trying to add to his binders full of women. Getting back to Tagg, […] more

Random Friday: Featuring Joe Biden’s Lawn, Mitt’s Halloween Costume, Another Lohan Fight and More

Missed the debate? In a nutshell Joe Biden told Paul Ryan to get off his lawn and kept the ball that landed in his backyard.   Following Mitt Romney’s debate comments, interest in Big Bird costumes for Halloween skyrocketed 500 percent. If Romney wins the election, expect to see plenty of Oscar The Grouch costumes, […] more

The Answers Given During The Obama-Romney Debate… Before It Even Happens

  President Obama’s Answers:   Yes, I am a citizen of the U.S. No, I am not Muslim. Yes, I would leave Michelle for Halle Berry. My favorite movie is White Men Can’t Jump. I root for all teams from Chicago. Yes, I am strongly in favor of lowering the tax on cigarettes. Did I […] more

The Album You’ve Been Waiting For Is Finally Here: Mitt Romney’s Greatest Hits

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Lindsay Lohan: My 5 Reasons Why You Should Vote “Mitt Romney For President”

  He’s against ObamaCare. And so am I. Even though I pay thousands a month out of my own pocket for my mom’s crazy pills.   How can you not vote for a guy that has a car elevator in his house? That’s badass.   He doesn’t drink which means he will always have a […] more

Tweets From Mitt Romney

  How come no one secretly tapes me when I’m doing something mundane, like shooting the breeze with my chauffeurs?   After I win the election I plan to go on vacation. To the Cayman Islands. To visit my money.   I made my money the old-fashioned way: By buying companies at rock bottom prices, […] more

Random Friday: Featuring The End of Fashion Week AND Super-Sized Sodas, Monica Lewinsky’s Book, and More

  McDonalds will begin posting calorie information on its giant menu boards as early as next week. It was to begin months ago, but needed to install new boards that are able to accomodate more than just 3-digit numbers.   “It’s about time New York banned large-sized, sugary drinks” said the man smoking cigarettes and […] more

Random Friday: Featuring Romney’s Couch, The Wrong DNC, Crappy Jewelry And More

    It was easy to get Bill Clinton to appear at the convention. All they had to say was “Do you want to be in Charlotte?” and he said “Yes.”   I think I was at the wrong convention. The D n C, right? So why were they talking about scraping uteruses?   An […] more

The Controversial Romney-Ryan Poster They Didn’t Want You To See

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Random Friday: Featuring A Killer Donkey, Holograms At The RNC, The Stones In Brooklyn And More

  So many people in our country are suffering. And thanks to Mitt Romney that number has increased when you add in those who suffered through his speech.   Charlton Heston, Clint Eastwood… look for a hologram of John Wayne in ’16.   I had no idea there was a Sci Fi Channel until they […] more