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Random Friday: The $1,000 Pizza, J-Lo’s Boyfriend Gets A Time Out, Mike Tyson On Broadway and More

  Never saw it before, but I had to steal the magazine, OK! USA from the doctor’s office. Had to. And here’s why: Thanks to the cover, we learn the following about Jessica Simpson: “She’s lost 20 pounds already” (Did they weigh her or did she call them with her happy news?) “How she’s using […] more

Headlines…One Year From Now

“Kim Kardashian Accused of Staging Recent Colonoscopy” “The Spice Girls Return With A New CD and Tour” “Herman Cain Accused of Groping All  5 Spice Girls” “New iPhone App Replaces Voice of Siri With That of Mike Tyson” “Baby Mamas File Class Action Suit For Back Wages, As NBA Strike Continues” “To Get A Jump […] more