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Random Friday: Featuring The Return Of ALF, Rihanna’s New Job, Beck’s Olympic Victory and More

    Joan Rivers handcuffed herself to a shopping cart at an L.A. Costco this week because they refused to sell her raunchy new book. The publicity stunt was an expensive one for Ms. Rivers, because she bought the handcuffs at Costco, where the cheapest box costs $850 for 200. (Expect to see Rivers on QVC […] more

Latest Photo From Mars Rover Curiosity Solves One Of The Mysteries Of The Universe

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Today In History…On Mars

The Curiosity rover has landed safely on Mars, which got me thinking about how little we know about the history of the Red Planet. So, as a public service, I’ve compiled a list of things that happened Today In History On Mars. ** Note: Years are based on the Mars calendar   Today In History […] more

Reality Show On Mars Is A Go: My Exclusive Details

There will be life on Mars: Mission to create first human colony by 2023 – and it will be filmed for reality TV show The Facts: Seven-month mission to be financed by reality show on Earth By 2033, there will be 20 people living on Mars Mission backed by co-creator of Big Brother and Nobel-winning […] more