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Cartoon Characters Richer Than Zuckerberg, New Exhibits At The Bronx Zoo and More “Sets of 3”

  Cartoon Characters Richer Than Mark Zuckerberg: 1. Richie Richie (Self-explanatory) 2. Mr. Spacely (Owner of Spacely Sprockets) 3. Bugs Bunny (Warner Brothers stock options)   New Exhibits At The Bronx Zoo: 1. “The Pit Bulls of Spanish Harlem” 2. “Pigeons And The Eccentric People Who Feed Them” 3. “Giant Rats Indigenous To The 1 […] more

First Look: The Actual Zuckerberg Prenuptial Agreement (Or Maybe Not)

Priscilla, if we do get divorced…   – You will receive $1-million, a $100 Facebook advertising credit and a signed copy of The Social Network on DVD. – Speaking of the Social Network, for the first five years after the divorce the only man you can have sexual relations with is Jesse Eisenberg, the actor […] more

Random Friday: Featuring Travolta, Spears, Zuckerberg and A Cast Of Thousands

  Facebook goes public today. Mark Zuckerberg plans to spend the day acting like he doesn’t care.   More trading loses for JPMorgan Chase. At least $1-bilion. They are just like the guy in the casino who keeps going back to the ATM mumbling “This time I’m going to win it all back…   I […] more

The 10 Worst-Selling Books Of The Year (So Far)

                                                “Cooking Okra With Oprah”   “Fifty Shades of Grey’s Anatomy”   “General Tso: War Hero”   “Chaz Bono’s Transgender Fitness Workout”   “Can You Marry Your Gay Cousin In North Carolina? […] more

Celebrity New Year’s Resolutions

  Kim Kardashian: “Meet and date Katie Perry.” (Hey, her name starts with a “K”. Plus, think of the ratings) Katie Perry: “Stay as far away from Kim Kardashian as possible.” Newt Gingrich:  “Stay with my wife, even if she gets cancer. Maybe.” Tim Tebow:  “I say it every year, but hopefully in 2012 I […] more