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Random Friday: Featuring Obama And Mitt Hanging In The White House, David Wright And Twinkie Executives Cashing In And More

David Wright has accepted a 7-year, $122 million contract extension from the NY Mets, although now I’m hearing it might be off, as the whole thing was contingent on Fred Wilpon winning Powerball.   Not a single person was reported shot, stabbed or slashed in New York City on Monday, which means there were no […] more

Lindsay Lohan’s Wheel Of Drama

  It seems like drama follows Lindsay Lohan wherever she goes. And now you can turn her drama into your amusement with Lindsay Lohan’s Wheel Of Drama. Remember, wagering is permitted. In fact, it is encouraged. Enjoy… [adsenseyu1][adsenseyu2] more

Lindsay Lohan: My 5 Reasons Why You Should Vote “Mitt Romney For President”

  He’s against ObamaCare. And so am I. Even though I pay thousands a month out of my own pocket for my mom’s crazy pills.   How can you not vote for a guy that has a car elevator in his house? That’s badass.   He doesn’t drink which means he will always have a […] more

Random Friday: Featuring A Killer Donkey, Holograms At The RNC, The Stones In Brooklyn And More

  So many people in our country are suffering. And thanks to Mitt Romney that number has increased when you add in those who suffered through his speech.   Charlton Heston, Clint Eastwood… look for a hologram of John Wayne in ’16.   I had no idea there was a Sci Fi Channel until they […] more

“Hologram Tupac” Files For Bankruptcy and More “Entertainment Headlines: One Year From Now”

    Hologram tupac Files For Bankruptcy   Wall Street Downgrades Facebook From “Like” To “Unfriend”   Typical Week for Lindsay Lohan: Car Accident, Rehab, No Acting Jobs   Buying A Vowel On Wheel of Fortune Now Considered A Better Investment Than Gold   Promoters Cancel Bonnaroo 2013 Citing “More People On Stage Than In […] more

First Look: Upcoming “Mad Men” Spin-Off Shows

  [adsenseyu1][adsenseyu2] more

Random Friday

  I just signed up for a great new plan from Netflix. It’s called The “Get As Many Movies As You Want At One Time Because You Are One Of Our 3 Remaining Customers” Plan. Isn’t it ironic… Michael Jackson died taking drugs to help him sleep. Meanwhile, his trial is so boring it would […] more