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What Are Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Googling These Days?

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Tweets From Kanye and Kim’s Baby

  Gee, I wonder if my name is going to start with a “K”   What’s an ass? And why does everyone talk about my moms?   I just know my dad is going to try and steal the limelight somehow during the delivery.   Do you think I’ll inherit the big ego gene?   […] more

Jerry Sandusky’s Favorite Football Terms, What You WON’T Find In Kim & Kanye’s House and More “Sets of 3”

  Jerry Sandusky’s Favorite Football Terms: 1. Illegal Motion 2. Tight End 3. Blowout   What I Saw During A 5-Minute Walk in NYC on Monday: 1. A man eating an avocado like an apple 2. A woman humping a fire hydrant 3. A parking spot   Reasons John Edwards and Rielle Hunter Broke Up: […] more

The 10 Worst-Selling Books Of The Year (So Far)

                                                “Cooking Okra With Oprah”   “Fifty Shades of Grey’s Anatomy”   “General Tso: War Hero”   “Chaz Bono’s Transgender Fitness Workout”   “Can You Marry Your Gay Cousin In North Carolina? […] more

Why Van Gogh Cut Off His Ear…and More “Sets of 3”

    Theories On Why Van Gogh Cut Off His Ear: 1. Final exam for correspondence course on surgery 2.  Known for being cheap, he tried giving himself a haircut 3. He heard “We Built This City” by Jefferson Starship   Amazing Animal Facts: 1. Seagulls don’t fly on the Sabbath 2. Zebras refuse to […] more

Random Friday: The G Spot, Drinking Hand Sanitizer, Moonwalking At Gunpoint And More

  The relationship between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian must be real because they already have their own couple name: “Kimye” They also have enough money to buy their own island, which is a suggestion, not a statement.   I just saw pictures of Jennifer Aniston’s house in a magazine… WOW! What a place! It’s […] more

Random Friday

    NJ Governor Chris Christie caught Bruce Springsteen live this week and, as you would expect, had great seats. Four of them. All for him.   Attention Mets fans: Please note an important change this season at Citi Field: When you buy a scorecard, instead of a pencil, you get a pen with red […] more

Celebrity New Year’s Resolutions

  Kim Kardashian: “Meet and date Katie Perry.” (Hey, her name starts with a “K”. Plus, think of the ratings) Katie Perry: “Stay as far away from Kim Kardashian as possible.” Newt Gingrich:  “Stay with my wife, even if she gets cancer. Maybe.” Tim Tebow:  “I say it every year, but hopefully in 2012 I […] more

The Worst of 2011: The First Annual Testy Awards*

    Worst Made-For-TV Wedding: Kim Kardashian and Kris Whats-His-Name Worst Use Of A Condiment: The Pepper Spraying of  “Occupy” Demonstraters Worst Doctor If You Need Someone To Come To Your Home To Administer Propofol: Dr. Conrad Murray Worst Reason To Be Against Same-Sex Marriage: “It’s a threat to the sanctity of marriage.” Worst Example […] more

Exclusive: The Movie Poster For The Upcoming NBA Lockout Film

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