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What Are Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Googling These Days?

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Tweets From Kanye and Kim’s Baby

  Gee, I wonder if my name is going to start with a “K”   What’s an ass? And why does everyone talk about my moms?   I just know my dad is going to try and steal the limelight somehow during the delivery.   Do you think I’ll inherit the big ego gene?   […] more

Overheard At The 12-12-12 Concert

  “All of these cops here and not one of them arrests Roger Daltrey? Isn’t there a law that senior citizens can’t take their shirts off in public?”     “There are more wrinkles onstage here tonight than there are in a roomful of Shar-Pei puppies.”     “Man, this concert is amazing… I can’t […] more

Jerry Sandusky’s Favorite Football Terms, What You WON’T Find In Kim & Kanye’s House and More “Sets of 3”

  Jerry Sandusky’s Favorite Football Terms: 1. Illegal Motion 2. Tight End 3. Blowout   What I Saw During A 5-Minute Walk in NYC on Monday: 1. A man eating an avocado like an apple 2. A woman humping a fire hydrant 3. A parking spot   Reasons John Edwards and Rielle Hunter Broke Up: […] more

24 Hours of Headlines (Or “Where Did We Go Wrong?”)

    Want to know how we are doing as a country? Simply open up a newspaper…or go to one online. I did just that, keeping track of headlines for a random 24-hour period: Wednesday, June 6th 7am – Thursday, June 7th, 7am. They speak volumes. And remember: This is ONLY 24 hours.     […] more

Random Friday: The G Spot, Drinking Hand Sanitizer, Moonwalking At Gunpoint And More

  The relationship between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian must be real because they already have their own couple name: “Kimye” They also have enough money to buy their own island, which is a suggestion, not a statement.   I just saw pictures of Jennifer Aniston’s house in a magazine… WOW! What a place! It’s […] more

Random Friday

In this week’s reality TV news, Michelle Bachmann was the first contestant to be kicked off of “Idiot Island.” Reports say Kodak is preparing for bankruptcy. For the young people out there, Kodak made film. Don’t know what film is? Google it. Beyonce is expected to give birth any day now… which explains the shortage […] more