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Random Friday: Featuring The Embarrassing Return of John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John, The Secret To A Long Life, Pineapples That Taste Like Coconuts And More

  Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that one of the existing Mac lines will be manufactured exclusively in the United States next year. If my math is correct those Macs to sell for $63,000.   Just what the world doesn’t need: Starbucks is planning to add at least 1,500 cafes in the US over the […] more

Random Friday: Google Underwater, The World’s Largest Ferris Wheel, A Vegas Refund And More

    I find it interesting that the two biggest highlights of the NY Mets 2012 season happened on the same day: 1. R.A. Dickey won his 20th game. 2. Keith Hernandez shaved his moustache off for the first time in 25 years.   Amazingly this is not the premise of an upcoming reality show: […] more

Overheard At The Gay Pride Parade In NYC

  Being gay is so in that I’m thinking of turning straight.   I heard next year they are going to have a parade just for people who are bi. Only difference? That parade goes in two directions, instead of one.   Is that John Travolta?   Hey, look over there… straight people protesting because […] more

Overheard On Father’s Day 2012

  I have two mommies, so I call today “Awkward Day.”   Sorry about that boring card. There wasn’t much of a choice. In fact, there were actually more Congratulations On Your Successful Hernia Surgery cards.   Oh, great…thanks for the apron…perfect for when I BBQ. I will put it over here with the other 16 […] more

“Hologram Tupac” Files For Bankruptcy and More “Entertainment Headlines: One Year From Now”

    Hologram tupac Files For Bankruptcy   Wall Street Downgrades Facebook From “Like” To “Unfriend”   Typical Week for Lindsay Lohan: Car Accident, Rehab, No Acting Jobs   Buying A Vowel On Wheel of Fortune Now Considered A Better Investment Than Gold   Promoters Cancel Bonnaroo 2013 Citing “More People On Stage Than In […] more

Madonna’s Varicose Purple and More New Celebrity Paint Colors

             Trump Orange              Apple iGreen              Fifty Shades of Grey Gray              Madonna’s Varicose  Purple              Travolta’s Embarrassment Red              Jolie-Pitt Limited Edition Rainbow […] more

Random Friday: Featuring Travolta, Spears, Zuckerberg and A Cast Of Thousands

  Facebook goes public today. Mark Zuckerberg plans to spend the day acting like he doesn’t care.   More trading loses for JPMorgan Chase. At least $1-bilion. They are just like the guy in the casino who keeps going back to the ATM mumbling “This time I’m going to win it all back…   I […] more

What My Parents Claim They Got At The Movies For 3-Cents…and More “Sets of 3”

                    What My Parents Claim They Got At The Movies For 3-Cents: 1. 5 movies, 10 cartoons 2. A bag of popcorn and a candy bar 3. A new bicycle   Things You Don’t See Anymore: 1. Phone booths 2. 8-track players 3. Blackberry Smartphones   […] more

The Evidence John Travolta Doesn’t Want You To See

A second unidentified masseur has joined a $2 million lawsuit against John Travolta claiming the actor sexually assaulted the men in two separate incidents during private massages. Travolta contends he was in NYC when one of the alleged incidents occured… and here’s his proof:                 Speaking of happy […] more