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Random Friday: Featuring The End of Fashion Week AND Super-Sized Sodas, Monica Lewinsky’s Book, and More

  McDonalds will begin posting calorie information on its giant menu boards as early as next week. It was to begin months ago, but needed to install new boards that are able to accomodate more than just 3-digit numbers.   “It’s about time New York banned large-sized, sugary drinks” said the man smoking cigarettes and […] more

Finally! An Exclusive First Look At The New iPhone 5, The Ipad mini, Plus One More Surprise From Apple

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Why Stop At September? Apple Rumors/Predictions Fot The Rest Of 2012

    Report: Apple To Announce iPhone 5, iPad Mini At Sept. 12 Event   It’s just an unconfirmed rumor at this point… but what the hell? Why not take it a step further and map out the Apple rumors/predictions for the rest of the year.   Sept 22: All new iPhones are recalled, due […] more

Random Friday

Congratulations!! Actually, this week Bradley Cooper was named People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive.” Why is it a movie star/celebrity always wins this thing? There has to be an accountant or window washer out there who’s sexier than him. At a campaign stop in Miami’s Little Havana, Herman Cain asked: “How do you say ‘delicious’ in […] more

Headlines…One Year From Now

“Kim Kardashian Accused of Staging Recent Colonoscopy” “The Spice Girls Return With A New CD and Tour” “Herman Cain Accused of Groping All  5 Spice Girls” “New iPhone App Replaces Voice of Siri With That of Mike Tyson” “Baby Mamas File Class Action Suit For Back Wages, As NBA Strike Continues” “To Get A Jump […] more

World Exclusive: Features of The New iPhone 5

Apple is expected to announce the details of the iPod 5. But I have the exclusive list of new features right here, right now…before anyone else: Makes phone calls. Has voice mail. You can text. Did I mention you can call people with it? Touch-screen typing  (Takes only 6 years to master) The long-awaited Richard […] more