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Notes From My Trip To The DMV

I went to the DMV yesterday and I’m happy to report nothing has changed. Not a thing. 1,000 patrons for every employee – CHECK A majority of patrons who don’t know what the word “patron” means – CHECK At least one screaming baby – CHECK No sense of urgency – CHECK It’s 11am and I’m […] more

Scarsdale “Crime Wave” – Part 2

Here we go again! I love these. Scarsdale, NY…where apparently there is a contest going on to see who can call the police for the most frivolous reason. Once again, I saw this article online ( and couldn’t help re-posting it.  You can’t make this up…and I didn’t. They are 100% true. 100% entertaining. And […] more

Sets of 3

      Conversation Starters With A Giant: 1. How’s the weather up there? 2. How tall is your wife? 3. Where do you buy your pants? Conversation Starters With A Gay Giant: 1. How’s the weather up there? 2. How tall is your partner? 3. Where did you buy those fabulous pants? Top 3 […] more

A Complete List of Things The Republicans Blame President Obama For

The Deficit Unemployment Our Reliance On Foreign Oil Wall Street Greed Jobs moving overseas The dog down the street who won’t stop barking The Seal-Heidi Klum Split The shrinking size of  cereal boxes Pop Up Stores The redesign of Facebook That Adam Sandler Movie “Jack&Jill” The Cupcake Craze The return of McRib The Hindenburg Disaster […] more

Bumper Stickers 2012 Style

  “Make War, Not Love -And Make Dick Cheney Richer”   “Honk If You Love Pan-Seared Chilean Sea Bass”   “Don’t Follow Me, I’m Lost… Thanks To This Crappy GPS I Got At The Dollar Store” “My Smart Phone Is Smarter Than Your Smart Phone” “Proud Parents Of A Serial Killer”   “I Brake For […] more

The Best Magazine Lists of 2011

    US Magazine: 5 Stars Who Were Born In A Barn Cosmo: 10 Ways To Tell Your Husband Is Cheating On You With Your Boss’s Daughter Sports Illustrated: 8 Goalies Who Were Virgos National Geographic: 7 Isolated Tribes of the Amazon That Can’t Get The NFL Network Time Magazine: 5 Presidents Who Were Into […] more