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Next Week’s Celebrity Headlines…Today

    Sofia Vergara To Star In Colombian Hooker/Secret Service Movie   Dick Clark Leaves Entire Estate To Ryan Seacrest   Winner Of “American Idol” To Fight Winner Of “The Voice”   Three Arrested In “Dancing With The Stars” Rumba Scandal¬†   Government Study Confirms “Bieber Fever” Is Not A Real Illness   Shocking Allegation: […] more

Random Friday

    J.K. Rowling announced this week that her next book will be her first novel for adults. Rowling says she feels liberated not having to write about Harry Potter and is excited to write for a new audience. The book is tentatively titled “Barry Motter and The Magician’s Rock.”   When I watch the […] more

Fictional Characters Reveal Their New Year’s Resolutions

Clark Kent: “Finally finish up work on “The Daily Planet” iPad App.” Bruce Wayne: “Do everything in my power to stop the foreclosure of Wayne Manor.” Tony Soprano: “Move out of New Jersey. The toll hikes are killing me. And Rex Ryan is an embarrassment.” Rhett Buttler: “Start giving a damn.” Dracula: “Sue the makers […] more

Exclusive: Posters For The Next 3 Harry Potter Movies

I knew J.K. Rowling had more tricks up her sleeve. So I kept bugging “J” (that’s what I call her) until yesterday, when she sent me these posters for the next 3 Harry Potter movies. Enjoy, Muggles!             [adsenseyu2]     more