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Random Friday: Featuring The Battle Of The Divas, The Return of Chris Brown & Rihanna, The Debate About The Debate And More

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton dropped everything this week and rushed to Charlotte, North Carolina in an attempt to broker a peace deal between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj.   She couldn’t get them to make up, but I have an idea that will help the two American Idol judges coexist in harmony: Some good […] more

“Hologram Tupac” Files For Bankruptcy and More “Entertainment Headlines: One Year From Now”

    Hologram tupac Files For Bankruptcy   Wall Street Downgrades Facebook From “Like” To “Unfriend”   Typical Week for Lindsay Lohan: Car Accident, Rehab, No Acting Jobs   Buying A Vowel On Wheel of Fortune Now Considered A Better Investment Than Gold   Promoters Cancel Bonnaroo 2013 Citing “More People On Stage Than In […] more

Random Friday: Starring Bill Clinton & Porn Stars, Men In Black, Kidney Donors On Facebook and More

  Former President Bill Clinton took a picture with porn stars this week while attending a gala at a Monte Carlo casino. And of course Republicans are having a field day with it. Except Newt Gingrich. When asked about it, Newt said he would immediately leave his wife for either of them. (In Clinton’s defense, one […] more

Cartoon Characters Richer Than Zuckerberg, New Exhibits At The Bronx Zoo and More “Sets of 3”

  Cartoon Characters Richer Than Mark Zuckerberg: 1. Richie Richie (Self-explanatory) 2. Mr. Spacely (Owner of Spacely Sprockets) 3. Bugs Bunny (Warner Brothers stock options)   New Exhibits At The Bronx Zoo: 1. “The Pit Bulls of Spanish Harlem” 2. “Pigeons And The Eccentric People Who Feed Them” 3. “Giant Rats Indigenous To The 1 […] more

Random Friday: Featuring Travolta, Spears, Zuckerberg and A Cast Of Thousands

  Facebook goes public today. Mark Zuckerberg plans to spend the day acting like he doesn’t care.   More trading loses for JPMorgan Chase. At least $1-bilion. They are just like the guy in the casino who keeps going back to the ATM mumbling “This time I’m going to win it all back…   I […] more

Fortune Cookies For The 21st Century

Fortune Cookies haven’t changed much over the years, so I think a makeover that reflects the world we live in today is long overdue.                                                               […] more

My Predictions On The New 3 Stooges Movie… and More “Sets of 3”

Predictions on the New Three Stooges Movie: 1. Someone will get poked in the eye 2. Someone else will get poke in the eye 3. Hilarity will ensue   Why You Shouldn’t See Titanic-3D: 1. That damn Celine Dion song 2. The 3D is so good 17 audience members drowned already 3. It ends the […] more

More “Sets of Three”

  Theories On Why Wile E. Coyote Is After Roadrunner: 1. There’s a difference of opinion over who’s the star of the show. 2. Roadrunners are tasty. 3. He really doesn’t want to get him. It’s all just product placement for Acme.   Things Mitt Romney Will Say In The Next Week: 1. “I’m not rich. Don’t […] more

Fear of Technology

  According to the Los Angeles Times, nomophobia…the fear of being without your cell phone is on the rise. Here are some other technological phobias soon to be making headlines: JustMyDamnLuck-Phobia: Fear of buying an iPad a week before the new one comes out.   OneOfTheseThingsIsNotLikeTheOthers-Phobia: Fear of being the only one you know with […] more

Random Friday

Facebook went public this week… Rather fitting, considering they’ve already made all of our information public. I’m surprised that Newt Gingrich is still in the race. Normally, when the prognosis is bad he bails. Donald Trump says he’s thinking about opening an upscale cemetery in New Jersey. As any good businessman like Trump knows you […] more