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The Viagra Pop-Up Book And More Of The Best Books Of 2012

  The I.N.O.T.T. Best Books of 2012:   The Viagra Pop-Up Book   Making Origami Using Unused Jets Tickets   The Jewish Fifty Shades of Grey: But For You 49.99   Mitt Romney’s 101 Hair Tips and Tax Shelters   Is That Woman Sitting Over There Really A Dude?… And Other Popular Family Bar Bets […] more

Up-To-The-Minute (Approximately) Hurricane Sandy Updates For NYC

    Wall Street renamed Wish-We-Had-A-Wall Street.   Chris Christie has ordered the re-opening of all NJ McDonalds restaurants.   Donald Trump profiting from the storm. Raising rents on tenants who now have private swimming pools in their apartments.   Tragedy in Williamsburg, Brooklyn: Storm prevents the delivery of artisanal olives.   Attention all Con […] more

Random Friday: Featuring The Scream, The Donald And More

The only person who cares what Donald Trump has to say about politics is Donald Trump. Let me rephrase that: The only person who cares what Donald Trump has to say about ANYTHING is Donald Trump.   The election is so close that Tagg Romney plans to buy even more voting machine companies.   Lie […] more

Recent Letters To And From Celebrities: Including Katie Holmes, Jeremy Lin, Batman, Mr. Met and More

Dear Salvation Army, Please find enclosed 300 pairs of shoes, all flats. I will not be needing them anymore. Thanks. Katie Holmes Dear Mr. Romney, Enclosed are the updated resumes you requested (again) reflecting changes (again) to your time at Bain Capital. Bob Stevens Bob Stevens Printing Emporium Dear Jeremy Lin, I would appreciate it […] more

An Open Letter To Donald Trump

                      Dear Mr. Trump, You obviously have way too much free time on your hands, considering you once again have asked to see President Obama’s birth certificate. Well, two can play at your game. The people have some questions about YOU they’d like answered, so […] more

Madonna’s Varicose Purple and More New Celebrity Paint Colors

             Trump Orange              Apple iGreen              Fifty Shades of Grey Gray              Madonna’s Varicose  Purple              Travolta’s Embarrassment Red              Jolie-Pitt Limited Edition Rainbow […] more

Random Friday

Facebook went public this week… Rather fitting, considering they’ve already made all of our information public. I’m surprised that Newt Gingrich is still in the race. Normally, when the prognosis is bad he bails. Donald Trump says he’s thinking about opening an upscale cemetery in New Jersey. As any good businessman like Trump knows you […] more

Random Friday

  If there’s a private club and two of its members are named “Newt” and “Mitt,” I’m POSITIVE I wouldn’t be allowed in. And that’s okay, because I wouldn’t want to. In Case You’re Not That Good At Math: Tomorrow is the second day of the rest of your life. It seems like every time […] more

Questions Donald Trump Plans To Ask When He Moderates A Republican Presidential Debate

  Real estate mogul Donald Trump will host a debate for Republican presidential candidates in Iowa just days before the state’s Jan. 3 caucuses…these are the questions he plans to ask: What’s your plan to help the 1%, (which includes me, yippee)… and screw the other 99%? What is your stance on a tariff for […] more