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The TV Shows We’re Looking Forward To In 2013 (Too Bad They’re Not Real!)

  WARNING: Reading this post is likely to cause you to groan. A lot. Read at your own risk. And please accept my apologies in advance.     Docudrama focusing on the exploits of 60’s political activist Abbie Hoffman in NYC’s Greenwich Village: Downtown Abbie   A comedy about a guy who’s in charge of […] more

Where’s Waldo?: The Celebrity Edition

Rules: You must find Waldo AND a well-known celebrity hidden somewhere in the scene. Good luck!! Scroll down to begin…   [adsenseyu1][adsenseyu2] more

Up-To-The-Minute (Approximately) Hurricane Sandy Updates For NYC

    Wall Street renamed Wish-We-Had-A-Wall Street.   Chris Christie has ordered the re-opening of all NJ McDonalds restaurants.   Donald Trump profiting from the storm. Raising rents on tenants who now have private swimming pools in their apartments.   Tragedy in Williamsburg, Brooklyn: Storm prevents the delivery of artisanal olives.   Attention all Con […] more

Random Friday

    NJ Governor Chris Christie caught Bruce Springsteen live this week and, as you would expect, had great seats. Four of them. All for him.   Attention Mets fans: Please note an important change this season at Citi Field: When you buy a scorecard, instead of a pencil, you get a pen with red […] more

Random Friday

    J.K. Rowling announced this week that her next book will be her first novel for adults. Rowling says she feels liberated not having to write about Harry Potter and is excited to write for a new audience. The book is tentatively titled “Barry Motter and The Magician’s Rock.”   When I watch the […] more

Random Friday

If the Giants win Sunday and go to the Super Bowl, there’s one sure thing: When Governor Chris Christie makes one of those inevitable bets with the Governor of the opposing state, Christie will insist on getting back some type of fried food if he wins. How long will it be before someone uses Siri […] more