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Possible Theories On Why They Pulled the Plug on Springsteen and McCartney In London

  The cop who did it is a Stones fan, never liked the Beatles. And he hates Springsteen.   They had an early-morning photo shoot together for the cover of AARP Magazine   The fake leg of Paul’s ex-wife, Heather Mills, came loose, causing her to trip on the electrical cord.   The rain intensified […] more

Stats From Last Night’s Springsteen Concert At MSG

Length of the concert: 3 hours Attendance at the Garden: 20,000 People on Lipitor: 17,000 African-Americans on stage: 4 African-Americans in the audience: 3 People in the audience with rhythm: those same 3 Musicians on the stage: 58   Mentions of New Jersey: 53 Mentions of New York: 71 Mentions of Idaho: 0   Celebrities […] more

Random Friday

    NJ Governor Chris Christie caught Bruce Springsteen live this week and, as you would expect, had great seats. Four of them. All for him.   Attention Mets fans: Please note an important change this season at Citi Field: When you buy a scorecard, instead of a pencil, you get a pen with red […] more

Random Friday

  What I learned this week:   The world’s ugliest dog died at the age of 15… The world’s second ugliest dog is not a suspect.   On the flip side, Jennifer Aniston spends $8,000 a month to maintain her good looks. I spend $3.50.   They call it “March Madness” because you can go […] more

The Best Grammy Tweets Of The Night

Justin Stangel @Justin_Stangel Watching Bruce Springsteen perform on the Grammys. I see Little Steven wore his black formal shmatta. Dave Caolo @davidcaolo For a second I thought The Walking Dead was on two networks tonight but one was the Beach Boys reunion.  Claire Zulkey @Zulkey No offense Paul but nobody wants to hear this non-Hey Jude song. Trammell @trammell Watching the Westminster Dog Show while […] more