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The 10 Worst-Selling Books Of The Year (So Far)

                                                “Cooking Okra With Oprah”   “Fifty Shades of Grey’s Anatomy”   “General Tso: War Hero”   “Chaz Bono’s Transgender Fitness Workout”   “Can You Marry Your Gay Cousin In North Carolina? […] more

“Fifty Shades of Grey:” The Passages So Dirty They Had To Edit Them Out

              [adsenseyu1]                   He took her to the finest restaurant in town for a romantic dinner. Ana ordered the lobster bisque appetizer, a 2-pound lobster and, for dessert, lobster cheese cake. Christian opted for the all-you-can eat salad bar. He nibbled […] more

The Worst-Selling Kids Books Of All Time/Part 2

“Green Eggs and Ham and The Food Poisoning Outbreak”   “Where’s Waldo?: The Amber Alert Mix-Up”   “If You Give A Mouse A Spicy Tuna Roll”   “Where The Wild Things Are: Brooklyn”   “Charlotte’s Web of Lies and Deceit”   “Winnie The Pooh Accidentally Wears Gang Colors”   “Even Insects Suffer From Eating Disorders: […] more

Books Recommendations For Everyone On Your List

For The Family On A Budget: “Shoplifting Food…Using The Kids As Lookouts” For The Cook In The Family: “Recipes From The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” For The Sports Fan: “The Top 100 Athletes of All-Time With Chapped Lips” For The Puzzle Enthusiast: “Mike Tyson’s Big Book of  Sudoko” For Teenagers: “Sexting For Fun and […] more

The Worst-Selling Kids Books Of All Time

“What The Hell Is That?: A Child’s Guide To Transvestites” “The Adventures of Buddy The Two-Legged Dog With Epilepsy” “Daddy, Why Do We Have To Live On The Streets?” “A Kids Guide to The Monroe Doctrine” “Roberto: The Boy Who Vomits Every Time He Sees A Clown” “Mommy, Is “Schwarzenegger” A Bad Word?” “Two Christmases!!!: […] more