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Things In Blue Ivy’s Nursery…and Even More “Sets of 3”

Things In Blue Ivy’s Nursery: 1. Baby’s First Gold Record 2. A rattle sculpted from the Hope Diamond 3. Another rattle sculpted from the Hope Diamond   Best Accents: 1. Brooklyn 2. British 3. Canadian   Musicians Who Will Never Be Featured on “Glee”: 1. Marilyn Manson 2. Gary Puckett and the Union Gap 3. […] more

Random Friday

  Beyonce and Jay Z are finally home alone with their baby Blue Ivy. It must be nice, just the 3 of them alone in their house… along with their security guards, maids, chefs, a pilates instructor, butler,  juggler, chauffeur, stylist, make up artist,  psychic,  nanny,  nurse, balloon animal maker and gardener.   My prediction […] more

Tweets from Beyonce and Jay Z’s Baby, Blue Ivy

“Do these diapers make my ass look big?” “Unlike my parents, when I say “my crib” I really mean “my crib!!” “I like my mom’s music…and my dad’s, too. But I LOVE Michael Buble.” “Got my first line of jeans coming out. They’re called “Blue’s Jeans.” “Dad, no disrespect but I’m praying I look like […] more

Beyonce’s Baby Recorded An Album Already…Song Titles Revealed

 EXCLUSIVE: SONG TITLES FROM BLUE IVY’S FIRST ALBUM “Binky-licious” “(the Blue Print) Onesie” “Can I Get A Diaper” “Brooklyn Baby” “Playpen Mayhem” “My Rattle (Is Better Than Yours)” “Gerber Murder” “Baby Wipe Hype” “99 Problems But A Bib Ain’t One” “If I Were A Boy” “I’m Blue (And Black)” “Blue’s Suede Booties” “Little Girl Blue” […] more

Beyonce and Jay Z’s Baby On Twitter

“Tomorrow I am unveiling my new fashion line for the fetus generation.” “I got 99 problems, but a binky ain’t one.” “Jay Z and Beyonce? As far as I can tell neither of my parents have a last name. Weird.” “You could say I’m Destiny’s child.” “Why does my dad have to curse so much […] more