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Overheard at President Obama’s
Inauguration 2013

“I get the feeling there’s something going on between the President and Beyonce.”   “I get the feeling there’s something going on between Bill Clinton and Beyonce and Kelly Clarkson.”   “I wrote a poem about the poet. It’s called You Bore Me.”   “Great news… Jodi Foster was supposed to speak… but had to […] more

Random Friday

Justin Bieber turned 18 this week. Which means he finally has the legal right to decide how he wears his hair.   One American Idol contestants’ story: 1. Grew up in a small town. 2. His dad was a preacher. 3. He never felt like he fit in. 4. So he moves to NYC. What […] more

Random Friday

  Beyonce and Jay Z are finally home alone with their baby Blue Ivy. It must be nice, just the 3 of them alone in their house… along with their security guards, maids, chefs, a pilates instructor, butler,  juggler, chauffeur, stylist, make up artist,  psychic,  nanny,  nurse, balloon animal maker and gardener.   My prediction […] more

Tweets from Beyonce and Jay Z’s Baby, Blue Ivy

“Do these diapers make my ass look big?” “Unlike my parents, when I say “my crib” I really mean “my crib!!” “I like my mom’s music…and my dad’s, too. But I LOVE Michael Buble.” “Got my first line of jeans coming out. They’re called “Blue’s Jeans.” “Dad, no disrespect but I’m praying I look like […] more

Beyonce’s Baby Recorded An Album Already…Song Titles Revealed

 EXCLUSIVE: SONG TITLES FROM BLUE IVY’S FIRST ALBUM “Binky-licious” “(the Blue Print) Onesie” “Can I Get A Diaper” “Brooklyn Baby” “Playpen Mayhem” “My Rattle (Is Better Than Yours)” “Gerber Murder” “Baby Wipe Hype” “99 Problems But A Bib Ain’t One” “If I Were A Boy” “I’m Blue (And Black)” “Blue’s Suede Booties” “Little Girl Blue” […] more

Random Friday

In this week’s reality TV news, Michelle Bachmann was the first contestant to be kicked off of “Idiot Island.” Reports say Kodak is preparing for bankruptcy. For the young people out there, Kodak made film. Don’t know what film is? Google it. Beyonce is expected to give birth any day now… which explains the shortage […] more

Beyonce and Jay Z’s Baby On Twitter

“Tomorrow I am unveiling my new fashion line for the fetus generation.” “I got 99 problems, but a binky ain’t one.” “Jay Z and Beyonce? As far as I can tell neither of my parents have a last name. Weird.” “You could say I’m Destiny’s child.” “Why does my dad have to curse so much […] more