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Overheard at President Obama’s
Inauguration 2013

“I get the feeling there’s something going on between the President and Beyonce.”   “I get the feeling there’s something going on between Bill Clinton and Beyonce and Kelly Clarkson.”   “I wrote a poem about the poet. It’s called You Bore Me.”   “Great news… Jodi Foster was supposed to speak… but had to […] more

Changes Coming To Your Favorite TV Shows/Fall 2012

    Glee breaks new ground by introducing its first straight character.   Instead of 24 hours a day, Pawn Stars will now be on just 23.   It’s the last season of The Office so expect a lot of the regulars to be absent a lot as they try and use up all of their […] more

Leaked: Mariah Carey’s “American Idol” Contract And The Demands They Finally Gave In On

  The temperature in my dressing room must always be 72 degrees. Not 73. Not 71. 72 degrees. This is not a joke… I will have one of my assistants monitoring the thermostat.   My dressing room must also have: – A window facing east. – One of those Russian dolls that has smaller and […] more

Random Friday: Starring Bill Clinton & Porn Stars, Men In Black, Kidney Donors On Facebook and More

  Former President Bill Clinton took a picture with porn stars this week while attending a gala at a Monte Carlo casino. And of course Republicans are having a field day with it. Except Newt Gingrich. When asked about it, Newt said he would immediately leave his wife for either of them. (In Clinton’s defense, one […] more

Next Week’s Celebrity Headlines…Today

    Sofia Vergara To Star In Colombian Hooker/Secret Service Movie   Dick Clark Leaves Entire Estate To Ryan Seacrest   Winner Of “American Idol” To Fight Winner Of “The Voice”   Three Arrested In “Dancing With The Stars” Rumba Scandal    Government Study Confirms “Bieber Fever” Is Not A Real Illness   Shocking Allegation: […] more

Random Friday

Justin Bieber turned 18 this week. Which means he finally has the legal right to decide how he wears his hair.   One American Idol contestants’ story: 1. Grew up in a small town. 2. His dad was a preacher. 3. He never felt like he fit in. 4. So he moves to NYC. What […] more